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Dr Charlotte Bech,


Charlotte Bech graduated as a medical doctor from the University of Copenhagen. She holds a degree as Doctor of the Science of Creative Intelligence from MERU Switzerland, and she is also a teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1983.

She has previously worked as a surgeon in Gentofte Amtssygehus and as a medical doctor in the area of haematology at the most renowned referral hospital in Denmark (Rigshospitalet), and in the field of obstetrics in Tennessee, in the USA. She has taught at the medical school in Copenhagen for several years. She is currently running a private clinic in Copenhagen Denmark, integrating modern medicine and Maharishi Ayurveda.

Charlotte has initiated more than 1000 people into TM and she has given more than 30,000 ayurvedic consultations. She writes as a columnist in several national magazines and she is the author of fifteen E-books on topics of Ayurveda. She is Vice President for the European Ayurveda Medical Association (EURAMA), she is on faculty for Maharishi Invincible Nation University, and she is teaching courses for other medical doctors on Maharishi Ayurveda, including the Healthy Happy Mother and Baby Programme.

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Dr Charlotte Bech, a medical doctor, has previously worked in the area of haematology at the most renowned hospital in Denmark (Rigshospitalet), in gastrointestinal surgery at Gentofte Hospital in Denmark, and in obstetrics in Tennessee USA. Dr Bech is currently running a private clinic in Copenhagen (Denmark), with emphasis on prevention, wellness and Ayurveda, teaching courses for medical doctors, writing columns in several national magazines, and is a popular author of several books on Ayurveda.

Dr Charlotte Bech is an allopathic medical doctor, running a successful private clinic in Copenhagen in Denmark, based on Maharishi Ayur-Veda, focusing primarily on women’s and children’s health. When she is not seeing patients, teaching, or lecturing, she is probably swimming, meditating, or practising yoga. Read more about Charlotte Bech at

Dr Bech writes as a columnist in several national magazines and as the author of many books on Ayurveda. She has worked as a medical doctor in the field of obstetrics in Tennessee, USA, and she has worked in other areas of medicine and surgery in hospitals in Denmark, including Rigshospitalet, the most prestigious hospital in the country.

Dr Bech has graduated from the medical school of Copenhagen, Denmark. She also holds a doctoral degree in the Science of Creative Intelligence (DSCI), from Maharishi European Research University (MERU) in Switzerland and has worked as a research assistant in the field of Maharishi Ayurveda at Maharishi University of Management.

Dr Bech is Vice President of the European Ayurveda Medical Association (EURAMA). Dr Bech has taught medical sciences at the University of Copenhagen Medical School for several years, and she has also taught Maharishi Ayurveda for more than 30 years, including at the Maharishi University of Management, and currently also at the University of Copenhagen.

Dr Bech has worked for the Global Mother Divine Organization in Vlodrop Holland, since 2011, developing course materials for - and teaching - the Maharishi Ayurveda Family Health Series course nr. 1: Healthy, Happy Mother and Baby course; a six weeks long in-residence training programme for medical doctors and other health professionals in the areas of fertility, pregnancy, delivery and the postnatal period.

Dr Bech is visiting faculty at Maharishi European Research University (MERU) Holland and Seelisberg, Switzerland, and the Invincible Nation University,

Vlodrop. Dr Bech has developed the course ‘Health in the light of the Science of Consciousness’, for the MA in the Science of Consciousness programme. She further helps to develop course materials for (and is a guest lecturer for) Maharishi Vedaroma Ayurvedic training courses for doctors.

Dr Charlotte Bech, medical doctor, Doctor of the Science of Creative Intelligence and teacher of Transcendental Meditation.

Dr Charlotte Bech has written several books on Ayurveda: The Female Monthly cycle - how to lose weight and be happier all the time


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