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How to use Essential Oils

There are various ways to use essential oils, whether for their therapeutic properties, to enhance well-being or purely for pleasure.

Here are some great ways to use essential oils




Essential oils can be used in a bath both for therapy and pleasure! Be careful not to use an oil that is sensitising or irritating on the skin. Add the essential oil added directly to the bath, or - better - it can be diluted in a tablespoon of vegetable oil, a teaspoon of honey, or half a cup of milk. (Honey and milk are excellent emulsifiers and will help the aromatherapy essential oil to disperse in the water).

The safest oils for everyone to use in the bath are Lavender and Camomile because of their gentle non-irritant qualities. If you want to experiment with others, watch out for oils that may be photosensitising when in direct contact with the skin. Remember that the oil is not dispersed and diluted in the water; it is at full strength, so go carefully, one drop at a time. Use up to eight drops of your chosen essential oil or blend. Run the bath as usual, and add the essential oil (or mixture) to the water.

Keep the bathroom door closed to ensure that the aroma does not disperse. Swish the water around vigorously before getting in. If you are using Bath Oils, add a couple of capfuls to the running water shortly before the bath has filled.


Chest Rub


There are many essential oils which have a clearing effect and are recommended to support the respiratory system. Among these are Eucalyptus, Fir, Rosemary, and Spike Lavender. Prepare a blend of 10-20 drops of essential oil in 30ml of carrier oil and rub on the chest and upper back.




A compress is a clean, damp, folded cloth that has been infused with essential oils and is then applied to the problem area. A compress can be either cold or warm, depending on the purpose. Fill a small bowl with water, add 2-5 drops of essential oil. Stir briskly, soak the cloth, wring, and apply. Repeat this procedure as needed.




You can completely transform the character of a room in just a few minutes using a few drops of a favourite essential oil or Maharishi AyurVeda blend in a diffuser. Aromatherapy diffusers are also ideal for cleansing and purifying the air. Aromatherapy diffusers disperse essential oils into the room in a number of different ways. The preferred method does not heat the essential oil, but uses a fan to pass cool air through a pad which has been impregnated with the essential oil. You can use 4-8 drops of essential oil on the pad, or 25 drops or more in an Professional Aromatherapy Microdiffuser. Use 3-5 drops with warming diffusers. Refresh as needed.


Essential oils from roots, bark, leaves and flowers



Direct Application


Some essential oils such as lavender and tea tree can be applied directly to the skin to soothe minor insect bites, scratches and burns.


Foot and Hand Bath


When your feet feel good, you feel good all over - and the feet are a very important area in aromatherapy. This is both because of their reflex points that affect every area of the body, and because the skin on the feet absorbs essential oils rapidly. The value of foot baths has been recognised for hundreds of years. They are a wonderful way to pamper yourself, and are very practical in situations where a full aromatherapy bath is not possible; for example for the disabled and elderly or for people who only have a shower in their flat. Hand baths can be soothing for people with aching joints. Use 2-4 drops of your chosen essential oil in a bowl of water. Cool water revives, and warm water relaxes.




First thoroughly mix the essential oil in a teaspoon of honey. Then dilute with warm water until the honey is dissolved. Gargle with a small amount and spit out. Use 1-2 drops per 30 ml of warm water.


Inhalation and Steam Inhalation


Sprinkle a few drops of an aromatherapy oil onto a handkerchief or tissue, and inhale as required. Alternatively add three drops of your essential oil to a bowl of steaming water. Cover your head with a large towel, close your eyes, put your face above the water and inhale deeply. Repeat as required.


Aroma enriched massage oils





Aromatherapy massage is one of the best ways to experience aromatherapy essential oils, combining as it does the benefit of touch and the therapeutic effect of the essential oils. Massage relaxes muscles and improves circulation and lymph flow, soothes physical tension and relieves mental stress.

Essential oils should always be diluted in a good quality carrier oil before applying to skin. The normal dilution is about 10-20 drops of essential oil to 30ml of carrier oil. Sensitive skin may require half this concentration, or even less. Maharishi AyurVeda Massage Oils are wonderfully rich blends, created for specific purposes, You may enjoy creating your own massage oil by combining approximately 5ml of your favourite oil with 200 ml of Organic Carrier Oil such as sweet almond, hazelnut, or sunflower.




The antiseptic and antibacterial effect of aromatherapy essential oils can be perfect for freshening the breath and to help maintain healthy gums, etc. Simply add a few drops of an essential oil to a cup of water, and swill around the mouth. Do not swallow.




To refresh the sauna and to enjoy the therapeutic effects of the essential oil, mix five drops of your chosen essential oil in one cup of water and pour over the hot rocks. Alternatively you may like to try one of our Maharishi Ayurvedic blends.


Scented Pillow


One or two drops of an aromatherapy oil on a pillow case or on a tissue inside the pillow case is a wonderful way to enjoy the soothing and therapeutic effect of the essential oils. Take care not to get the oil in your eyes!


Essential oil dropping from pipette



Essential Oils at Work


You can sniff oils direct from the bottle, or use a roller ball as required. The fragrance will have a direct effect, and also the associative memory will help you stay focussed and relaxed. Who knows, it might even mellow out your boss too!


Essential Oils on the Road


Diffuse a few drops of your favouite oil in your room - try Soothing Vata Aroma Oil).


DISCLAIMER: The information in this document is presented for the sole purpose of imparting education on Maharishi AyurVeda and neither the information nor the products are intended to diagnose, treat, mitigate, cure or prevent any disease. If you have a medical condition, or are pregnant or lactating, please consult a health professional and it is recommended that you speak with your physician before making significant changes to your diet or routine.


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