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Susan Lincoln,


Susan Lincoln has a Masters degree in Complementary Health Sciences (Ayurveda) which is recognised by both the Indian and UK Governments as a medical degree.

Her final qualification in clinical practice, was completed with three months in South India.

Susan has been working as a teacher of Transcendental Meditation since 1976 currently covering the Leicestershire and Sheffield areas. Susan is based at the Maharishi AyurVeda Clinic in Rendlesham, Suffolk.

Call: 01394 548764 M: 07980 335757
Email :

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Mother and Baby programme

Susan interviews couples who wish to conceive, taking them through the stages from successful conception through to pregnancy, childbirth and care of newborn.

Her experience ranges from travel to European countries such as Holland, Channel Islands, and within UK in the Midlands, Sheffield, London and East Anglia.

More recently she has overseen groups of patients undergoing panchakarma (purification) procedures in the Drakensberg mountains near Johannesburg, South Africa as well as being the resident physician at the new Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre in 3 Peace Palace Gardens, Rendlesham, Woodbridge, Suffolk where regular blocks of PK are carried for men and women at intervals during the year - see dates by visiting

She is specially trained in gynaecological problems and infertility, having specialised for some years, helping people gain their balance of health with some herbal recommendations, diet and lifestyle advices and introduction to panchakarma - purification procedures.

The added advantage of our Maharishi Ayurveda Health Centre is that it is placed next door to the Peace Palace where all of the residence courses are held for meditators and sidhas and some for members of the public where applicable. One can enjoy some treatment and massages for a few days and then enjoy some rounding or inspirational knowledge during residence courses throughout the year.


“Two years ago I found myself trapped in a cycle of flu like colds and chest infections. I developed a long lasting cough that eventually left me with asthma symptoms. The GP prescribed inhalers and although I persevered for several months with these, I only ever got partial relief and had to use them several times a day. Sometimes I felt they were even making it worse.

Desperate for an alternative I had a consultation with Sue. She taught me some special breathing exercises, advised me on my diet and gave me Ayurvedic medicine. Within a few days I was using the inhalers less and after two weeks had got rid of the symptoms completely. I’ve kept the inhalers on standby but have not used them since. I couldn’t believe the treatment worked so quickly or completely. Now I use Ayurveda at a first option for treatment rather than a last resort.”
- Karen House, Sidha, Leicester

“I have known Sue for around 20 years and my family and I have benefited greatly from her specialist knowledge with regard to our health. She recently helped our daughter restore health to her body where Western medicine stated that there was no cure for her condition. I personally keep my own health in check with her on a regular basis

I recently attended a 3 day treatment course with Sue. I had been suffering with extreme knee pain for several months – an old injury which as I get older has become more troublesome.

I received wonderful massages which I felt nourished my whole physiology and some simple dietary advice, alongside some herbal preparations and self massage. That was just a few weeks ago and since then, I have been able to completely cease any medication such ipobrufen and pain killers, I now have little pain – and feel a lot more ‘awake’ in general. I’ve also lost 8 unwanted lbs.

I have known about Ayurveda for many years, but taking it a step further and following a routine is making a significant difference in my life.
- Gill Lindsay, Sidha, London

I charge £95 for one hour and £50 for half hour consultations and £50 for half hour on the phone £30 for quarter hour. Skype calls 9 - 5 pm weekdays for consultations and follow up appointments - Skype name: sulincoln108

Book a phone or Skype consultation with Dr Susan Lincoln
Sue performing a pulse diagnosis
Maharishi AyurVeda Health Clinic - Rendlesham